The Bold Plan for Milwaukee


Our schools need to increase class attendance, test scores and graduation rates. As mayor, we will work closely with schools to address the root causes for our educational challenges by providing wrap around services for students and families of students who have trauma, AODA, mental health housing, and unemployment issues.

Jobs For The Future of Milwaukee

Milwaukee once had good paying jobs, but the city leaders did not prepare for those jobs going overseas. As a result, Milwaukee was left with low paying service sector jobs. As mayor, we will create good paying jobs of the future.

Public Safety and

Community Police Relations

It is a must to improve community-police relations. As mayor, we will get a Police Chief of the 21st Century. That means our next Police Chief will understand how to work with faith based leaders, community based organizations and all parts of the city.

We will also build Community Oriented Policing (COP) Houses in high crime neighborhoods. These COP Houses have reduced crime in some neighborhoods by up to 70% while significantly improving community police relations.

Public Health

Milwaukee has a serious health hazard in the form of lead in our water. As Mayor we will ensure that the most vulnerable populations are helped.

Fiscally Responsible

The city of Milwaukee is spending money on a downtown streetcar when we have higher priorities. As Mayor we will prioritize our spending so taxpayer money is spent wisely.

Working with the State

The city of Milwaukee needs financial help from the state. The state feels that the streetcar is not a prudent use of our taxpayer dollars. That state opposition to the streetcar is hurting our efforts to get financial help.

As Mayor I will cultivate a good working relationship with the state along with eliminating wasteful spending on the streetcar.


Make Milwaukee Bold

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