Recognition of Tony's Leadership

•Mexican Fiesta Appreciation Award, August, 2014
•Appreciation Award from Organizing for Action, August 20, 2014
•Best Alderman Award, Shepherd Express Newspaper 2009
•MICAH “To Do What Is Just” award, Milwaukee Inner City Congregations Allied for Hope, 2009
•River Hero Award, Friends of Milwaukee’s Rivers, 2008
•“Ald. Tony Zielinski is a politician who doesn’t waffle under pressure.”
•Wisconsin Film Hero award, 10th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival, 2008
•Friend of the Taxpayer award, Citizens for Responsible Government, 2006
•UMOS Building Better Futures award, United Migrant Opportunity Services, 2006
•Milwaukee Police Association Politician of the Year, 2005
•Appreciation Award, Career Youth Development Center, 2004-2009
•Appreciation Award, Journey House, 2003
•Volunteer Award, Journey House, 2002
•Salute Award, African-American County Board Caucus, 2001
•Friend of the Hispanic Community, United Community Center, 1995
•Muchas Gracias Award, Walker Square Neighborhood Association, 1995
•Appreciation Award, Puerto Rican Cultural Committee, 1995
•Milwaukee Enterprise Center South Appreciation Award, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 1990